High Security

Where the standard level of protection governed by BS1722 or other entry level security standard is not sufficient then designs to meet higher resistance to attack are employed. The designs may for instance be client driven such as the client SSE introducing a layer of 358 welded meshes between the pales and rails of the palisade at time of installation and therefore increasing the fences attack resistance

Industry borne solutions to the challenge of high security can be taken from Government approved standards such as the CPNI scheme, Red Book and the PSSA (Perimeter Security Standards Association) or the FSA (Fencing Contractors Association)

Particular emphasise on the scheme such as the CPNI (Centre Protection National Infrastructure) will provide approved manufacturer driven designs to include an increased number of pales, for instance 26no instead of the standard 17no

The application of other PIDS or similar to fence systems such as the Palisade further increase its credentials, other PIDS could be Gallagher Electric Security Fencing (As detailed on our website here…..) or microphonic cables, CCTV etc.