Palisade Perimeter Fence Systems

Steel Palisade fence has proved a very popular perimeter fence system for decades, its substantial appearance provides a very effective barrier too against attack from any would be intruder; many client sectors have created or adopted their own standard systems to service their own particular requirements or specifications.

The system relies on corrugated steel pales fixed to horizontal support rails, the pales typically from 2 – 4mm thick dependant on profile are offered in a D or W section and finished with a variety of topping variations, to include the popular triple point top, pointed or rounded and notched. The popular support rail is a mild steel angle iron type, typically 2no per bay fitted back to an RSJ or IPE steel section post set in concrete as standard, other variations of type and installation method, for example bolt down are possible.

Systems will be delivered in a variety of heights to suit the need on site, expected standard heights would vary form 1.8 – 2.4m but lower &higher variants can be provided upon request without any problem.

The application of other PIDS or similar to fence systems such as the Palisade further increase its credentials, other PIDS could be Gallagher Electric Security Fencing (As detailed on our website here…..) or micro phonic cables, CCTV etc.