MOD Fencing High Level

MOD Fencing High Level
In recent years as the Ministry of Defence has heightened its threat level so the fence design has increased to a more effective security layer. Clad with heavier duty welded mesh panels and topped with coils of barbed tape the fence is intended to mitigate persistent intruder attack.

Key to the objective of prevention of intruder attack is the higher standard of compliance to the MOD standard JSP440 new build criteria is recognised and delivered by JB Corrie to assist with the protection of the Critical National Infrastructure owned & operated by the UK Government, The Ministry of Defence and associated or related departments.

The use of JB Corrie high security welded mesh, the 358 and Super 6 variants.  Barbed tape fitted to integral T top bracketry, the latter and fit for purpose posts manufactured by JB Corrie. Service of installation supported by Security Cleared JB Corrie staff capturing site conditions and objectives to ensure client and stakeholders are kept secure at all times.

All materials finished and protected to the highest standards therefore the tested product and solutions performs for the long term protection goal.   Mesh is hot dip or grade A galvanised.  Posts are hot dip galvanised.  Barbed tape is galvanised or, where environment dictates, is stainless steel, the latter would also potentially see steelwork upgraded, shot blasted before galvanised and other longevity based practices.

The High Security Perimeter Fence solution would not be complete with other components to complete the High Security compliant installation. JB Corrie provide from their own Petersfield works a comprehensive range of supporting products, compliant Single and Double Leaf Gates to the JSP440. Turnstiles compliant with Government tested standards, barriers & bollards completing a site Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solution.