Welded Mesh Roll Products

Welded Mesh in rolls comes in a number of aperture variations but to a maximum wire diameter of 3mm, for instance the apertures of the mesh could be 50x50mm, 75x25mm or 25x25mm.

Roll form welded mesh is used in a number of applications but it is popular in general security, MOD, low level Utility, Schools, Agriculture, Industry and Industrial Estates.

The mesh is available in a number of finishes as a standard roll product; these would be galvanised, galvanised and plastic coated green or galvanised and plastic coated black. The rolls typically would be 25m long and in a number of heights from 900 – 2400mm high, when a fence is required higher than 2400mm then multiple lifts of mesh are used.

The mesh from rolls is usually applied to 3.15mm high tensile linewires with stainless steel clips, there are other fixing methods but this is the expected method and methodology.

Welded Mesh from rolls is supported on all standard post types, i.e. mild steel angle iron, rectangular hollow section steel, circular hollow section steel and reinforced concrete.

For more detail on roll format mesh take advantage of speaking to JB Corrie. Typical specification and application information for welded mesh can also be taken from British Standard BS1722 PART14.