Panel Systems

Panel Systems are generally taken from the welded mesh family of products, the standard type panels come in a variety of different specifications. The systems can offer great value for money coupled with effective boundary containment/demarcation and or a high security barrier against attack from intruders.

Welded Mesh panel systems comes in a number of aperture variations and in a number of wire diameters ranging from 3mm to 8mm, dependant on the application the welded mesh panel range is extensive.

At the lower end of the mesh range it is simply products such as 200x50mm aperture formed from 5mm wire, the panels crimped horizontally to introduce a V beam to increase structural strength, they are typically supported on rectangular hollow section steel post with a panel clip system or upgraded to clamp bar where circumstances or client dictate.

Panel form welded mesh is used in a large number of applications. Security, MOD, low level Utility, Schools, Agriculture, Industry and Industrial Estates.
The mesh is available in a number of finishes as a standard panel product, these would be galvanised, galvanised and polyester powder coated and potentially self colour.

For more detail on panel systems take advantage of speaking to JB Corrie. Typical specification and application information for welded mesh can also be taken from British Standard BS1722 PART14.

The application of other PIDS or similar to fence systems such as the Welded Mesh further increase its credentials, other PIDS could be Gallagher Electric Security Fencing (As detailed on our website here…..) or microphonic cables, CCTV etc.