Industrial Chainlink typically is available in a number of heights varying from 1800mm to 2.4m, the chainlink is often used to separate site from another or perhaps to provide resistance to intruders or trespassers on the boundary of a business or commercial property.

Industrial Chainlink applications are usually from mid- higher range of diameter and finishes to suit an effective solution and value based spend, for instance 50×3.55/2.50mm or 50×3.55/4.75 galvanised and plastic coated green or black and 50x3mm or 3.55mm galvanised. Other chainlinks such as bright core and plastic coated are available but JB Corrie do not recommend them due to their potential short return on product lifespan as the metal substrate is not galvanised.

The application of other PIDS or similar to fence systems such as the Chainlink Fence further increase its credentials, other PIDS could be Gallagher Electric Security Fencing (As detailed on our website here…..) or microphonic cables, CCTV etc.