Electric Alarm Fencing Systems

JB Corrie specialise in the Supply and Erection of Gallagher Electric Security Fencing Systems to new or existing fencing installations throughout the U.K. providing the National Infrastructure and its stakeholders the level of protection demanded to keep it functioning without pause or interference. JB Corrie are certified Gallagher channel partners for the installation and servicing of Gallagher Electric Security Fencing.

The JB Corrie solution is effective, results driven and success demonstrable. Attempts to breach the fence are deterred by an energized pulse sent around the perimeter fence line though the fence wires, the latter zoned.  The monitored pulse fencing meets stringent safety criteria, while delivering a short but safe shock, making it almost impossible to climb the fence. The zoned fences allow voltage levels to be adjusted to meet varying needs: high voltage for maximum deterrent and low voltage for periods of low risk or when your internal stakeholders are in the vicinity as part of their working day.

The JB Corrie Gallagher Electric Security Fencing  solution is  a networked perimeter solution which incorporates an energized pulse to detect intrusion without the intruder being aware. The fence system intelligently differentiates between serious breaches and disturbances by wildlife, birds or harsh weather conditions. False alarms are prevented, and intruders are unable to use the cover of adverse weather to breach the fence undetected. When a fence zone alert is triggered an alarm will activate allowing your internal stakeholders or guards to respond, or where the latter isn’t possible or employed, all alerts can be provided over a myriad of programmed media, ie, workstations, audio, visual, emails, SMS or other clients own protocols with Gallagher being able to integrate with most unique client media platforms.

JB Corrie support the Gallagher product structurally, design and production from our manufacturing facility at Petersfield, it has the capability to produce standard and one off steel fencing systems and specialist fabrications to suit Gallagher Electric Security Fencing installations.  Gates and apertures are included as part of the hardware making the perimeter of your site fully secure.

JB Corrie along with the Gallagher Electric Security Fencing can provide full support for necessary civils, ducting requirements and where the system design demands the use of PIDS / Field Cabinets fully built, furnished, FAT tested (factory acceptance tested) & SAT (site acceptance tested).

Taking the project a stage further the integration to the CCTV network and other access control platforms can provide a fully integrated solution for the client, fully reportable to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centres), this affords a number of JB Corrie clients the ability to remove manpower guarding from site and have the technology be the eyes, ears and deterrent reporting back to the control centre where there is potential for the whole of the clients infrastructure to be monitor5ed and controlled by a skilled surveillance team in one location, JB Corrie can upon application provide evidence of this and its success from a strategy and value perspective.

Gallagher PULSE Security Fencing would be equipped with components from the K20 Fence fittings series (insulators, tensioners, pull thros wire & associated), The F Series Fence Controller range. T Series Keypad range interfaced with the Gallagher Command Centre software with crossover into the Gallagher Cardax Access Control Suite which is transferable into building, office and or other asset protection.

Gallagher Electric Security Fencing is a pulsed energy fencing system offering a safe and legal deterrent conforming to the highest international security standard BS EN 61011 it offers.