Chainlink is a functional value driven wire fencing product. The wire typically a 50mm aperture, although other apertures are available larger and smaller, is a woven roll form product, when installed to linewires and supported on posts which can be either timber of steel, but more typically steel provides an effective demarcation barrier, in terms of security it would not be deemed as high security but certainly it is resistant to opportunist attack

In a variety of finishes, ie galvanised, galvanised and plastic coated green or galvanised and plastic coated black, chainlink aesthetically is approved by most Associations/Councils or Specifiers.

Typically the specification for chainklink fences is borne from BS1722 PART1 but variations on this standard can be provided to suit a customers particular need, for instance the burying of the chainlink at the base which is not included in PART1, but would provide addl defence for an umber of clients against the chance of an intruder trying to bury under the fence.